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I am currently sowing pansies and violas etc and was wondering where is best to grow them on once they have a few true leaves. Should I put them in my mini greenhouse,coldframe or on the windowsill for a while.

Thanks for any replies (its my first time growing anything this year )


They do want growing on in cooler conditions-and will not germinate if too warm


ok cheers so putting them in the cold frame if they germinate will be ok? Also noticed a few places say to exclude light but it didnt on the back of the seed packet. It said keep between 15-18 degrees celcius on the packet i have the radiator off in the room and stays about that at least according to my thermometer.


In the dark and somewhere cool to germinate-that sounds ideal

They dont want to go outside if it is freezing though as at present


That should be OK., but don't worry too much about them getting cold. They are hardy and seed themselves in the garden. It's just at this time of year they need a little help to germinate, but not real heat.



thanks for the quick and prompt replys as usual very helpful

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