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Maybe there is an expert out there:

Does anyone know whether one van eat or cook with Parsley Seeds? I have tried Google and Wikipedia, could not find anything.

Thanks in advance

Thank you Pete8, that helps a lot, I was wondering whether I could use them in cooking, because they have quite a strong "parsley-smell". So obviously the seeds are not poisenous and I'll give it a go! Should be fine in soups and stews....


I use fennel seed in curries quite often. They need to be ground first otherwise they stay rock hard even after frying then casseroling (?). I think you may need to do the same with parsley

Yes, that's what I thought. I use fennel seed, cardamom seeds, cumin seeds - so why not parsley seeds? It's just strange that they are nowhere mentioned in cooking, anyway I'll give it a go!

Thanks again for you reply!!



Unless they are sold for culinary use you cannot be sure they haven't had a seed dressing, which may be poisonous.

If they were specifically labelled for culinary use you are safe.

Thank you Welshonion, I am thinking to use my own seeds from the garden.

I planted a tiny parsley plant in my garden, bought in a supermarket 2 years ago.

It has grown enormously, lots and lots flowers which will set seeds - hopefully.!

So it should be safe....

Hi! Can you provide an update? Were you able to cook with them? Are they safe? How'd it come out tasting? 

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