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Hi  I have a patio rose which i bought last year and it flowered for ages and i didn't have a problem apart from a few greenfly but after treatment that was sorted.  It looks healthy enough and I thought it was starting to bud but the buds look odd more like dark red horn shaped things.  I know this will probably sound very stupid but i didn't  know if they were  flower buds or something else that needs action!  Any advice much appreciated


New buds do look a bit like little red horns Helly! No need to worry.As they grow you'll see then change and look a bit more normal and green  


Helly, never be embarassed about asking questions here; we can all be surprisingly ignorant

Helly, that is a really good description, its so exciting waiting for new growth. you will learn a lot from people on this forum.

Thank you all so much for your comments I don't feel quite so daft!!

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