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Anyone recall the name of the grass Christine Walkden pointed out as being a thug and the alternative she recommended please?

I'm pretty sure the seeds I sowed from a nearby grass are the very same and I've now gone round my garden pulling the consequent 'seedlings' out.  No wonder they all germinated!  Now looking for the alternative similar looking grass....



Is the one show on i player? If it is you could rewatch it. I think she recommended stipa tenuissima but I wasn't really paying attention. The grass she pulled out looked like one which had self seeded in my garden from no-where


Didn't see it dannyson, but could it have been Phalaris ( Gardener's Garters) light green and white variegated strappy leaves? It's very popular and very invasive!

I didn't see the programme but if you Google thug grasses and click on the RHS link it should take you to a useful page




I didn't see the programme but can vouch for Stip Tenuissima.  Lovely grass, will self seed but is controllable.  Looks good in a pot too.


Think this plant is Carex Pendula or Weeping Sedge. It self seeds everywhere.


Thanks for those responses - much appreciated.  Weeping sedge (carex pendula) rings a bell and heard Stipa Tenuissima was good - will look out for some seeds.  Best specialist grass seed supplier anyone?  :-}

I've got a few stipa gigantea - doesnt seem to self seed much at all (but there again I probably deal with these seedlings as other grasses in the 'wrong place') - in fact today I plucked a ripe tuft of gigantea and 'sowed' it in a tray - will see what happens.....





Sorry - didn't sow stipa it is a miscanthus ....

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