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Hello again everyone.

Is it too late to take penstemon cuttings?  I have a lovely red flowering one which I'd like to increase in number.  So - is it the usual procedure of cutting below a leaf node (of a non flowering shoot), dipping in hormone powder and putting in a pot with a see- through plastic bag over the top?  Thanks to all & any replies



Any time from now to the end of august.

Usual procedure as you have listed.

Excellent time for cuttings.  And it means you will have good sized plants by autumn that I would overwinter in the greenhouse.

Really???? So I should get out there and do my cuttings!!  How about fuscias, when should I take cuttings and will these overwinter??

Yep..cutthings of fuschias too if you want decent sized plants to overwinter.

Just taken some cuttings always....of perennials to give me even more flowering plants next year


Thanks very much for your replies, fidgetbones & Verdun.  (I have already taken lots of perennial fuschias successfully using the plastic bag method).  I just love taking cuttings!!  Many of them end up in friends gardens as well as my own.  I also took several cuttings of a surfinia which I bought from the garden cantre for £1 while small.  Now I have seven plants!  (Love a bargain)!


Those surfinia cuttings will grow fast and flower, prob in August

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