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Hi all

This is my penstemon.  I have never cut it - the question is should I chop it?  If so, how and when?  I guess I expected it to die back and regrow but it never has

Many thanks



It looks as though it is a bit leggy. I would chop it back to about 18 inches now. Mine has stayed quite green looking this winter as well.



Cool.  Thanks hogweed


Just choped mine right back to 2 inches above ground.

I tend to look round the base ~ if there's loads of new growth I often cut it all back hard ~ takes a little longer to flower but can rejuvenate the plant.


Just as Lyn does. a couple of inches from the base


Yup, I'm with Lyn and Verdun.


double cool  So chopping is the way forward . . . . . . guess what I'm going to do tomorrow


Panda, if you can get nice stems with the tips around 4-6" , you could try them as cuttings. Nothing to lose and they might well root in a few weeks.


Good idea Hosta.  They'll fit in your cold frame Panda


I cut a few inches from the base above where I can see new shoots. This should be done immediately 

Dee Wizz

I tend to leave penstemons alone through the winter as the top growth protects the crown of the plant from frosts. then in the spring there should be plenty of new shoots coming from the base of the plant and you can cut back to these.  They tend not to flower on the last years stems, so you get many more flowers this way, and lots of potential cuttings as a by-product.  I love penstemons - such a good value plant!


Hahaha Lesley  Might give it a go Hosta  Never done cuttings before, but as you say, what have I got to lose 

 Flora rosa

hello friends , do you think I should cut back a bit more ? chopped it about a week ago but is very untidy and wondered if it's supposed to be down to the ground ? thanks for your help 

 Flora rosa

grrr the photo hasn't uploaded ! 



I take mine right down so there are about 3-4 inch stems left.  Did mine last weekend, which was later than normal, but other stuff got in the way

For sure Flora, cut them down hard to lowest shoots near the ground. 

You will lose early flowers but they will flower longer 

hollie hock

A good cut back would do it the world of good I think.

 Flora rosa

Thanks all, and done ......... I always seem to hold my breath when hard cutting - don't know why haha. 

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