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My peonie is getting a little battered by the wind and rain at the moment. What is the best way to look after a peonie? Should I have it tied to supports?

Also on a different note a cat keeps digging in my garden! Not using it as a toilet thank god, just digging. What are the best deterents for this?


Supporting a peony is a good idea.

Plenty of threads re cat  problems best seems to be Jeyes fluid and teabags.


I have put some of this around my peonies, I use the one which is about 40 cm high. you can just stick it into the ground around the plant and it is hardly visible. Amazon have it and probably DIY stores too.



For cats, leave some garlic cloves rotting away in your watering can (with water in it) for a few days then sprinkle over the area. You might have to do it for a while until they find someone else, hopefully in their owners garden.


oi fred, I have two cats, and my cats love to use my garden!!! Also I have extended the curtesy to my neighbours that I will do a sweep every couple of weeks to remove offending articles.. To be honest though, I think they enjoy winding me up, seeing me sifting the soil adding compost and manure, I swear they do it on purpose! What annoys me the most is the fox poo, it stinks a hundred times worse and also the burying of bones! Cats are cats, they poo on turned soil, c'est la vie. Mind if we had a poll on cat poo in the borders or big fat rats, which do you think would win?


Thanks for the comments. SwissSue I have now tied it up but I will definetly take a look at that. GillyL I am now trialling tea bags. I will let you now how effective they are


cats are a problem.. we have only one round my way and my garden seems to be its favourite at the moment.. it trudges all the way up the road to find that nice lovely soft soil where my carrots and spinach and lettuce  are planted.. and digs them up..  i now have carrots, spinach and lettuce sprewn across the bed growing up i dont like my lines getting messed up i like them all straight & proper and standing to attention

i another not i foolishly used my branch cutting from my weigelia?? for pea supports this year as looked to much nicer than the wire mesh.. and they have gone and rooted and are now sprouting.. hubby not so happy.

but now i know how to do cuttings from them


A cat deterant I have used on my veg bed is pepper.  Get the pepper grinder and grind over the bed - best done when not windy .  Needs to be repeated weekly but it stopped next doors cat and our rabbit from lying sitting or digging in the bed.

I've got 5 cats in the house to the right of me, 2 to the left and 1 next to that one and I have a 2 year old grandson so I have to go out and clear up every time he wants to play out there.  As you can guess none of these animal lovers care for gardening themselves.  I save up all my longest rose prunings and sharp cuttings like holly and berberis and lay them out over the beds during the winter when the earth's bare.  It helps a bit


I have two or three cats that visit my garden all the time, one of them even uses a daylily as a cushion

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