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Thanks for all your input guys. I have now potted my plants into bigger pots. I put the pots outside a couple of weeks ago but some of them seem to be dying off a little so I am making room to bring them back indoors. The delphiniums seem to have got leggy and have really thin, weak leaf stems so I am hoping they will toughen up over winter.

I have jumbo plug grasses from jersey plants,just I pot them on?. and leave in greenhouse,or put them out?

David Richards concerning your plug grasses most of them are tough and hardy but I would keep,indoors. Did you get any tender grasses....pennisetum rubrum, etc? .....these are difficult to overwinter needing a min temperature of 4 degrees. Grasses don't really like being potted on in autumn but plugs should go into 9 cm pots and kept dry. So, check what varieies you have

My T & M plug plants received early September have been potted on in the cold frame but are really thriving and will need transplanting into larger pots.   Hopefully they will survive the winter in the cold frame (unheated) and on various window sills as I got 72 plants and space is at a premium.   Hope thery will survive!


I have bought some geum plugs which have been indoors for 2 weeks,can I transfer these into the garden now.


When you say 'indoors' do you mean in your house, or in a cold greenhouse?

How large are they?

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