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I have 3 lovely variegated perennial wallflowers in my front garden that flower from spring right thru to autumn so I am guessing they will not seed.  I have "googled" but can find nowhere that stocks them.  I cannot remember where I got them from and would like more.  Can anyone give me any clue as to where I might buy them or propogate them.  I am new to the GW forum so this is my first post.  Hopefully someone out there can held.

You are looking for "erysimum"-available in all good garden centres-seen them in Homebase etc


They're easy from cuttings Linda, even for me - the forum dunce at cuttings


Even B&Q! Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

The best known and hardiest is Bowles Mauve. Take cuttings in spring or summer and you will have them forever.


hollie hock

I've taken cuttings here and hoping for the best. Picked mine up from a market last year and they grew into lovely shrubs


I too love my perennial wallflowers but because they flower almost constantly they tend to have a short life. But as others have said they are very easy from cuttings which are worth taking every year.

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