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flowering rose

The mornings are becoming cooler and the season is beginning to change.Its not quite time over for flowers as there are many that will flower for a long while yet.Its time to plant those wallflowers in a spare patch to grow on and to get seed from the flowers as they go over such as sweetpeas.I am getting ready to get those spring bulbs planted before the earth becomes cold such as tulips and dig up those spring ones that need to go into shed as the tubers when they finish flowering.The Apple has been pruned and the grape vine in october and no later.The final clip for some hedges and to sort out the pond plants that need to be divided.Choosing the spring bulbs is my favorite and hopefully they will bloom next spring .A busy time for gardener. 

I emptied a few pots last week ready for planting bulbs and the one's planted in the garden are in bottomless pots so they could be found again at the end of the summer. There's also half a dozen primula's behind the GH ready to come out again, not sure when the best time is to repot them?

Can't decide what to buy in the bulb department, I'd like some nice aliums, and snow drops are a must for next year. There's already lots of crocus and dafs. Tulips did well this year so will try some different varieties next year.

Is it too early to start thinking of autumn, I love it when the leaves start changing colour. 

Autumn colours are fine but nothing beats  the summer. Autumn's colours are simply signs of decay...those "wonderful" reds, yellows, golds and oranges are just desperate last gasp and futile clutchings of life.  They announce despair.  Give me the freshness of spring...the hope of spring..that ushers in the summer.

(I don't like to accept the summer is coming to an forgive me folks)


Oh Verdun, stop being such a misery 

Everytime I look outside, I see change. I see plants grow from tiny seedlings, to beautiful works of art. I see them develop and grow throughout their seasons, and then, when they've set their seeds and die, I watch the next generation grow. It's all about embracing the circle of life for me.



Am planning the garden for next year and have just bought some horticultural fleece. Greenhouse is also on order!

Advertisement missed my mood.  

Autumn IS a season of decay.....plain and simple.  Many overhype the dying process and see things  ( the king's clothes) that just arent there.  There are exceptions....autumn colours on many shrubs and trees do offer magnificent colours.  And what a scene when  on a large scale.   I embrace the circle of life preferrIng though the birth rather than the death of plants. 

I plan now for next spring.  Now, that is exciting. If I could produce a smiley on my iPad I would put a hugely grinning one reflecting my joy for that prospect


im with you Verdun, my old greenhouse is going to be dismantled this weeked and the new base will be put down for my new BIGGER greenhouse ready to house the cannas and other not hardy plants growing in pots. lots of space for everything i want to grow next year.

next spring is always something to look forward to 

Good luck with the GH Blairs, you'll look back this time next year and wonder why you didn't get one years ago. Enjoy your bigger GH little-ann.

Will be borrowing my friends children soon, for a day in the park, collecting leaves. This year they'll be able to see what they turn into from the stash they collected last year and can help to mulch the veg beds when we get back.  

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