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i thought they are biennial.  i have alot of small self-seeded foxgloves in the garden, which are biennial.  then i bought a large and beautiful one from a garden centre, from the perrenial plants section.  i think that in switzerland, where i'm living now, anything which survives for more than one year is considered perrenial.  or could this be?  

Alina W

You will find a number of places selling perennial foxgloves here, including Suttons Seeds and Thompson and Morgan.

However, the plants tend to be short lived for most people, lasting only two or three years. In other words, they last longer than a biennial, but not by much.


i have tried several forms of perennial foxglove in my garden over theyears but last year was the only time the ferrunginia version survived the winter and that's here in central Belgium where we don't get the blanket of snow you would have in Switzerland.  

I find I prefer the whtes, pinks and mauves of the biennial foxglove and they self seed readily and come back so I won't be buying any more perennial plants.  Having said that, I have bought seed for Pam's choice which is suppose dto be perennial and has white flowers with purple throats.  I'll be happy for that to self seed too.

thanks, that's useful!  i thought if really were perrenial then i'd have to move it away from a shrub which is growing ever larger (and which i need for a screen against passers-by.  but i think i may leave it, and prune the shrub a bit more, since it will probably not last out the end of this season anyway. it did survive last winter though, and it was a really cold one!  i will try to propagate it from seed too.  

I bought a foxglove in flower from a garden centre two years ago.    It was sold as a perennial, but didn't survive after the flowering finished.    This always makes me cross, as I feel I have been ripped off.     However, I am pleased to say that this year I have some seedlings that came from it, which almost make up for it.     Of course, if I had bought a packet of seeds it would have been a lot cheaper! 



Once you have foxgloves in the garden you have them for life!! Try as I do to raise foxglove seedlings into plants without ever great success, I do far better waiting until the flower spike has gone to seed and cutting it off and wanging it round the garden.

Then you have the stress of trying to work out what are foxglove seedlings and what are comfry

Poppy Red

I do the same.  I collect the foxglove seeds when the flowers have died and scatter them around the garden where I would like them to grow and that's exactly what they do.  They are so easy to grow 

flowering rose

foxgloves are biannual and you can save the seed and sow for next year but I do believe there might be a perennial ,a new on the block plant.


i have a perennial fox glove in my garden.. thou it is shorter (12ins) than the normal bi annual ones and thinner darker leaf and has gorgeous creamy yellow flowers.. it is in its 2nd year.. so we will see.. i have haverested seeds so i can grow more..


i have just gone and found the name...Digitalis Grandiflora Carillon.

it is a little beauty and can withstand sun.

At Chelsea this year. Wasn't there a new truly perennial foxglove introduced? I will look it up later. I have tried different ways to encourage my expensive foxgloves to become perennial.....not allowing them to flower in first year...... But to no avail.

i forgot to say that this one i have does die down over winter.. and then reshoot in the spring.. as i thought mine was dead.. but i'll leave it and see... and up it came..


Hi all

I too have a perennial foxglove, sounds the same one as gardeningfantic has, about 12-15" tall with tiny little creamy yellow flowers.  It definitely comes up every year, I've had it for years and it never fails.  It's one of my favourites in the garden, so dinky, yet still a foxglove.


The T&M one that won best new plant at chelsea is the one christopher2 is thinking about. (Illumination pink). It's supposed to be a true hardy perenial and is sterile so won't self seed, i won one and it's flowered right through the summer and is still in flower now (i just keep dead heading it). 

Lavender Lady



I too have the new one called Illuminate pink, it has been a real star through the summr and is still flowering and has lots of new shoots.  Whether it survives the winter and comes up again is another matter, we shall have to see.  Here is a pic of it - it is the smaller one at the front of the border.  The bees have been loving it all summer



@kezza.. that is good to know..did wonder if it would go longer than a few years.

@LAVENDERLADY.. loving that one.. does it seed or is it sterile too.. would love one of them


Pottie Pam

I sowed foxglove 'Pam's Choice'  last year and it flowered beautifully this year but I didn't realise it was supposed to be perenial. There are lots of seedlings under it now and I collected more seed and scattered it about so hopefully the new seedlings will flower next year.

Lavender Lady

gardeningfantic  unfortunately, this one is also sterile - I will prob take a few cuttings just in case it does not overwinter.

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