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Hi all

I would like to grow some Petunia from seed this year to fill the hanging baskets.I normally just buy plug plants from B&Q etc, but this year I want to take full control.

I am looking for the small flower variety, which from googling I think is called Milliflora, but I can't seem to find them on any of the big suppliers lists.

Can you recomend what varieties are best and where I can purchase the seed from.



Thanks sotongeoff

I had already found the ones on the T&M site but as far as I can make out they are the variety with the larger flower head and not the small one I am looking for.

The problem is the label that came with the plants last year only gives the variety as petunia and is not specific.



I think you may have nailed it. Thank you

If I may be as stupid as to ask if it does not produce any seed, how does the poor plant reproduce itself?



It's a hybrid of some sort, might produce seed but not million bells. Don't think they're really petunias, calibrachoa (or something like that) Maybe a hybrid between the 2? reproduce with cuttings.


Thanks nutcutlet

I think calibrachoa looks right. Although not petunia they label and sell them as such. Rascals. 

So now to find a supplier of plugs for the summer.


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