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In spite of keeping them watered, my petunias and pansies have gone from being a glorious riot of healthy colour to growing too tall and hanging over the sides of the pot looking half-dead.

Is there any way to resore them?  Would putting them in the shade help?  Will they flower again?  I'm very disappointed because they were beautiful.

Did you overwater?

Both petunias and pansies can fall victims to disease ....the latter to something I experienced few years back, viz., pansy sickness.  Could also be simply aphids.  Or vine weevils.....lightly tug the plants.  If they pull  out easily minus roots its vine weevil damage

I would cut back everything....overwatered or not....aphids or not. Then push your finger into the soil and see if it's wet....I assume drainage holes ?  I would spray remaining foliage with soap spray or insecticide.  The next day I would water and feed.  

with petunias and pansies I would cut back hard now anyway.  They often run out of steam about now so I cut back, water and feed for quick regrowth of foliage and flowers

Didn't overwater and it's not caused by pests.  You mention running out of steam and I think maybe that's what it is.  They seemed to become much taller over the space of a week and now can't keep themselves upright. 

How would I cut them back?  Just take the flowers off?  In the past with pansies when they went past their best I just got rid of them so I've never done this before.........

Thanks for your help.


I had some Violas that went Boom and grew really tall and leggy in a period of sunshine last year, then near the end of the year we had high winds and they all fell over. I cut them back right to the bottom, so there were some new leaves left but most of the plant was cut off. With water, food and topdressing (they're in pots) they put on a spectacular display from early this year. As they are now, as Verdun says, running out of steam a bit they could maybe do with a similar treatment now.

Ok I'll do that - thanks for the info.  I suppose it's too much to hope that they'd flower again this year?


No, they will flower again in a matter of 3 or 4 weeks.  Cut back as hard as you like....not right Imto the base but leave few centimetres of stems.....feed with whatever you lIke but tomato or seaweed is my choice and water well.  Flowers in no time.  As I said I do this as a matter of routine every summer about now.

Thanks Verdun - I never knew you could do that!  I've cut back and watered and will give them a tomato feed this evening.  Thanks again to everybody for your help - it just proves that you learn something new every day!!!

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