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I grew some petunias from seed last year but they ended up all long and straggerly, can anyone suggest why and what I need to do to stop them going the same this year. Thanks in advance

Oh right- you have had another go

When did you sow the seed?

What happened with the seedlings after germination?

Yeh, just joined didn't really know what I was doing ha, I sowed the seeds about march time, then germinated as normal but they there were about 4 tiny plants to every seed tray, I separated these but they still ended up really long and floppy not the kind of petunias you get in the garden centre.

Where did you keep the seedlings once they had germinated?

When did you prick them out and pot them on?

Was it fresh seed and fresh compost?

I kept the seedling in a cold frame which is south facing, it was about mid April I separated them up and potted them up, the compost I used was potting compost and the seeds where bought from a local garden centre



So where did you sow them-4 plants per seed tray does not sound right-did they get any heat before germination?


Yeh when I sowed the seeds they were tiny so ended up with more then one plant in each seed tray, I separated these so it was one plant per seed tray but they still ended up long and straggerly, they were grown outdoors in the cold frame from the point I sowed the seeds, do I need bigger seed trays maybe?

Right lets start again

In about 2 months-mid -March--you need a half-tray-fill it with compost -level it- water it -let it drain

Then sprinkle the seed over the tray-cover lightly with compost seal in a plastic bag -place somewhere warm-check daily-does not need light until the seedlings are showing

Put the tray in the best lit place on a windowsill turning daily so they are not drawn towards the light in one direction.

When they are big enough-prick them out into bigger trays around 1-2 inches apart-you should get about 35 plants per tray to grow on in the cold frame-but protect from frost

They will then be sturdy plants to flower in the summer-you might want to pinch the tops out around the beginning of May to make bushier plants

Also protect from slugs/snails

Any questions?

No think you have covered everything there, thanks for your help, hopefully will follow your advice and will have more success this year.

Seedlings are often long and straggly when they don't have enough light. Petunias need warmth to germinate.

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