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I have a lovely Philadelphus that was planted years ago.I haven't a clue which one it is but the scent when it flowers is bliss.Thinking i'd like to smell that every time i came to the front door i bought a small Philadelphus which has now produced some lovely flowers..but they're not scented.

Can anyone advise?I'd love a scented one but i'm afraid i assumed they were all scented.Which one should i have got?


Generally they are but I came across a new variety in GC had wonderful large flowers but no scent.  .??

Klink, ring the GC and ask to,change it.  A,philadelphus without the scent is not worth having. I have a couple of varieties that are heavily scented.  Ask at GC what,they have and then look them up online to check for scent.  There are now several varieties .....some smaller ones too.  Dont be afraid to ring GC

Belle Etoile and Virginal are heavily scenfed.  Coronaria aurea...yellow leaves...has fewer flowers but also scented.  I grow all of them



And if you are near Pershore College when the Philadelphus are in flower gp and look at the National Collection of them in theCollege grounds. Never mind just looking, smell them too.

Must admit I have never come across a scentless one beofre. The dozen we have are all well smelly, even the doubles.

Hiya Berghill......"well smelly"?   Now, my feet are like that.  Lol

I do agree though that I thought all the mock oranges were fragrant but no, some of the new ones are not.   As I said, what's the point of them then?



Thanks for your replies.Not sure i agree with you totally there Verdun.They do have pretty flowers but yeah,why call them mock orange when the name itself suggests fragrance,hmm..  Anyway,I shall take note of the suggested scented ones and hunt them out.



Verd I assumed you were always fragrant...

Years ago I bought Manteau d'Hermine (hope that's right) and it was disappointingly non fragrant though it was meant to be May be it just didn't like me.

They're not the most exciting plants otherwise so I'd have to agree with you that they don't really earn their keep if they've got no scent.

Klink, it's because that's the family they are part of.  Fairygirl I agree about Manteau d'Hermine.....I rejected that one few years back for,that reason.  In the GC last week the new variety.....forget the name....had no scent at all but the flowers were much bigger.

I have belle Etoile just coming out and it makes lawn mowing an absolute joy when it's flowering.  The scent fills the air


The annoying thing is that M d'H is touted as being very fragrant so I thought it was just me. B.Etoile might be common Verd but what does it matter if it has the scent. I feel the same about Buddleias. Almost weeds but the scent and the butterflies make it a must. There's an old horsey phrase -  'andsome is as 'andsome does- meaning if it works it doesn't have to be beautiful!

I might get Belle Etoile now that you've brought that up!

Belle Etoile is only "common" because it's popular.   Fairygirl, I think it does have best scent.


I have a large flowered single one called 'Snow Queen' supposed to be scented - beautiful flowers but very little scent. It's flowering better than it ever has at the moment.

Shrinking Violet

I inherited one when we moved here.  It was badly mis-shapen, so it has been pruned, fed and generally nurtured.  It is coming in to bloom again now - but there is no (and never has been any) scent.  No idea of the actual cultivar - but it fills a gap in a border, and after all the effort that has been put in to it, I suppose it had better stay.  But it has been an annual disappointment!

Yes it is true there is a single flowered philadelphus - very tall, in our garden 21 ft. After 12 years have replaced it with a lovely shorter scented one, also have Belle Etoile which of course is lovely.


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