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We have a beautiful blue Ceanothus shrub which is really thriving. However, we would like to purchase a pink variety but all the garden centres on the Wirral say they cant obtain them. Does anyone know where they can be purched from?

Sara 4

I didn't know pink Ceanothus existed, I would love to know where to get one too.


..I only know of 2 pink Ceanothus but both are deciduous, if you don't mind that... I don't know of any pink evergreen ones...

Ceanothus pallidus 'Marie Simon' or 'Perle Rose'... both it seems obtainable from this nursery which I can recommend also as being very good...

Sara 4

Bill, intrigued by the concept I looked on ebay, there is a listing for 5 litre pots for 12.99 (pp 5.95) from a nursery in East Grinstead. 

Thanks to all for your replies. Salino - we have been on to the site for Perryhil Nurseries and seen what we were looking for - many thanks for taking the trouble.

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