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Similar to my last thread I wondered if I could let my Pittosporum 'Limelight' grow into a small tree to give height to the garden rather than clipping.It is about 14 years old.


yes you can.  I grow different pittosporums to a height of 8 or 9'  and keep them clipped to that.

pittosporums will grow into trees quite rapidly and can get out of hand.  a friend of mine locally has them at well over 30' I guess...then they are difficult to control. 

Looks good there though about a compromise, say another 4 to 6' ? ,


Yes it does very well there.

In my old garden I had a pittosporum that I kept clipped every year.When we left the garden was abandoned as the house was to be demolished.Over the next few years (they didn't demolish straight away!) we kept looking over the garden wall just to see how the garden grew when left to its own devices.The pittosporum did very well and became a nice small tree so think I may just let 'Limelight' grow and see how it behaves!

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