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My best friend has just had premature twin boys. Sadly one has died at just 60 hours old. Thankfully his brother is doing well.

I wanted to get her and her husband something to commemorate their birth and allow them to remember the son that they have lost. I was thinking about a potted plaited tree or plant. Or a plaited potted plant that flowers in October if there is such a thing.

I know nothing about plants. My friend lives in the Midlands. Can anyone help? Thanks.



o'dear thats so sad I think you are a real friend But do you think a reminder is good ??




What did they name the one that died.? Maybe an Apple tree that will fruit in October would be good. You could pick one with a similar name.

Sorry to hear of your friend's loss. Those with sadly, that experience would agree something to remember them in a positive way will be helpful and keep them part of their family. 

Perhaps a fruit tree? Or you could look at and talk to the local garden centres about what is in flower at this time of year.


There is an indoor plant Pachira aquatica that is sold plaited in most garden centres and sheds in the indoor section - it does flower but I have no idea when as it is a true tropical.


Hi name was Charlie and his brother, who is still doing well, is called Henry. They live in the Midlands but I live in New Zealand so chatting to my local garden centre is going to be awkward! Also, whatever I buy (and can do so online) needs to be relatively easily delivered!


Bloody hell trickster My Sisters,  daughter has just had a baby called Herry and his older brother (5 years old ) is called Charlie and we live in the Midlands small world 

I think there is a  clematis called prince charles if that helps




There is an  apple tree called Charles Ross. It has really good fruit in October It is available from a number of nurseries who will send mail order

Just search      Charles Ross  apple tree mailorder England.

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