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 Hi can anyone identify this plant please it was planted by my late father in law last year but i don't renember it flowering.It's about 4 ft tall thanks


Looks a bit like angelica, anyone agree - or not?


Not totally convinced about this. Just been out to look at a cephalaria. Looks very similar. 



Can anyone help identify these please? not sure if theyre rampant weeds or strong survivors that I can't remember planting.


pic 2


Picture 3


Hope the photos come out this time! ????


Hi sorry dont know how this post came up twice the leaves do look like angelica i will have to wait for it to flower, i think it has a flower spike comming up. will keep you posted


Looks like my yellow scabious, or cephalaria.Grows to 6 ft usually and the bees  love the flowers. One for the back of borders in my garden due to the height. Comes up every year and the clump will grow. I had to split mine after 4 years as it was getting big.


I think so doris. This has more the look of the cephalaria. 

Don't worry about posts coming up twice aleisha. Often happens.



Sorry cant help with Aliesh's query but here's another attempt to post photos for my unidentifiedmplant

 Any ideas anyone? Plant it? Or bin it?


Whatever they arebirdy they're coming up to flower

Have you a pic of them growing?



Nutcutlet - these, with red stalks, look like a possibly immature version of the last pictures.

In these pics they do look self seeded amongst the lavenders where I don't think I would have planted them, so I guess these are weeds. Do you agree? And do they look the same plant (as pics in previous post)? I'm still unsure either way.

Anyone else know?



Why do my pics go upside down or on their side after I have posted them? Is it to do with 'landscape' or 'portrait' layout? The ones in my last post were taken 'portrait'.


Hi Birdy, these new pics look like one of the willowherbs, not rosebay or one of the other big ones. They are weeds

I don't think that's whats in the first pics. They could be a campunula but it would be good to see those in situ as well


Hate to tell you Birdy but that's rosebay willow herb. It'll spread everywhere.

You should be able to turn the pix before you put them on. There's a little arrow type icon for turning them left or right.



do you reckon they're the same plant in both sets of pics Fg? I think the first set is much leafier up the stalk than the 2nd.


Is there a chance the top photo could be this? Campanula Persicfolia. Hard to tell upside down!


that's the one I was thinking of B-L, 

I think thebottom one isn't this though. Don't think it's rosebay WH either


Thankyou Nutcutlet, Fairygirl and Busy-Lizzie for your thoughts on my mystery plants.

Campanula does ring a bell with me (no pun intended) because we have had a lot of it over the years ever since we moved here. I remember my wife, who was the gardener, talking about it self seeding everywhere: she would have recognised it straight away. I now have to try to remember everything she taught me and I'm constantly unsure of stuff that's coming up now. I'm afraid of pulling out what she spent so much of her depleted energy putting in: her plants have all become a bit precious to me now.

I agree, Nutcutlet, that the first set seems much leafier up the stalk than the 2nd. And as I now try to remember what the campanula looked like in previous years I'm wondering whether they weren't much slimmer in the stalks than these (first pics) with a stem that seemed almost too tall and thin to support the weight? Or am I thinking of crocosmia? (A another memory coming back!)

As you all seem in agreement that the 2nd lot are weeds I'll have them out tomorrow. I thank you for that - its good to feel decisive again!

But I know I'll be back for some more identification advice. Thanks folks!



Your welcome birdy. Love a good challenge.