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Hello All

(Im a novice gardener)

I have these two plants growing in my garden, can anyone please identify them for me.




Kind regards





Top looks like iberis but I can't see the leaves. Bottom is pulmonaria. Both lovely

Im amazed, that response was faster my CPU!!!!, many thanks


We're good here Deev8.


Deev, I had the Pulmonaria (lungwort?) in my London garden and found it a bit invasive, so keep an eye on it; if it starts to spread too much just pull up the ones you don't want, or dig them up and give them to someone.


Pennine Petal

Pulmonary are pretty, but mine got mildew.


Some of them are worse than others for mildew. I've got a very pretty pink called Dora something, lovely but she'll probaly have to go. Spoilt by mildew most of the time.

I have the pulmonaria under the holly tree which is part shade  these can get a bit mildewey, but the ones in the sun are fine .

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