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what plants can I take cuttings of now?


You can split/move herbaceous plants now though, providing your soil is workable.

If you've any pelargoniums that you've over-wintered, then they could provide you with cutting material about now.

If you took fuschia cuttings last season, they are sometimes now big enough to provide you with more cuttings & thus effectively pinching out the parent plant (last yrs cutting) at the same time. Ditto penstemons & verbena bonariensis.

Remember that any cuttings of those plants taken now will still need total protection from the present weather. J.

verbena bonariensis how do you take cuttings of that I have that one?

I took my cuttings last October, they're cut down now, but if yours aren't, all I did was pull off the little shoots from the side of the main stem and popped them in sandy soil.
Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

verbena bonariensis how do you take cuttings of that I have that one?

If you referring to your plant in the garden, then now is not the right time to try cuttings off what is probably by now a dying back stem.

If yop took cuttings last summer/autumn, then they could already be producing side shoots which are this yrs cutting material- as Lyn said. Job for me over the next couple of weeks. J.


Gardengirl, you may well have seedlings from your verbena popping up soon. They usually are seen late summer into autumn though.
Because its mild where I am I am able to take cuttings of osteospermums right now but generally bit early for cuttings.
You can split plants now and look for self layered ones though and pot these up

Thanks Lyn I still have the long stems from last year only brought it last year not sure when to cut it down, I will try cuttings.

Do you know if I can take cuttings of euonymus gold?


Hi Gardengirl. The evergreen euonymus is easy from cuttings. If I can do it it must be easy. Later in the summer, heel cutting, stick them in a pot. I have stuck them straight in the ground but with less success.

Re the verbena. Those long stems have never been alive at the end of winter for me and just get cut off when I get round to it.

Gardening Grandma

You have to wait until the plant is in growth to take stem cuttings, from new stems. If it is an established clump, it can be dug up in early spring, cut into four and the divisions replanted.

Thanks for that nutcutlet and gardening grandma and verdun


what is the self layered cuttings?


Self layered cuttings are where a stem has grown along the ground and rooted. Purple sage does it very often and I found 3 layered stems of Aucuba 'Rozanni' at the end of last year and potted them up. Easiest propagation there is with no effort from us. But you can pin a stem down and do it deliberately.

Interesting thanks nutcutlet nice to know


It's probably the way to go with all those things I can't get to take. I'd just have to remember to do it. Eleagnus ebbingei, I'll pin a stem down as soon as the spring comes. 

Wait till your verbena starts to grow again, then in late summer have a go at breaking the little side shoots off and potting them up.
Theres not much you can do from cuttings at the moment, keep on with your seeds for the time being, and preparing your ground, you could sprinkle some bone meal in and lightly dig it in.
Bunny ...
When I but verbena I break of side sections like geranium (own little plant) and pot on ....that carol K has a lot to answer for !!


Is it too late to take cuttings from geraniums?


I took cuttings form my geraniums just last week and so far so good 


As for taking cuttings I picked up a fabulous book called Propagation Basics by Steven Bradley. It's an idiots guide to propagation giving all the information you need on all types of propagation from sowing seeds to grafting and the best time to do it.  

It really is an easy to follow guide to getting plants for free. 

That looks a good book maybe I will get a copy of it. Will have to try the self layering tech and some cutting bits of verbena B. Seeds I'll be sowing bit more soonish

take cutting of dahlias, i have done loads of them.

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