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 can anyone tell me if the plant in the pocture is the same as the one shown in the book please as i dont want to chuck it out if its going to come back next year thankkk youuuu 


Don't think it's the same as in the book, can't see any pink, but think it is a perennial, looks pretty, not taking up much room I'd leave it there.


It looks like an argyranthemum. If so it won't survive winter unless you're in a very sheltered site. Take cuttings in August, or lift and keep in a frost free conservatory or greenhouse.

hollie hock

They look like different plants, the leaves look different



it may not be exactly the same one but there are lots of them. the dianthus or something leaning in from the side confuses the pic abit

Darren sure you have an argyranthemum.  It's tender so you could lose it over winter. I take cuttings of mine in August......non flowering shoots about 3" long in compost and perlite mix in trays.   By end September they are growing away.  I leave them in their trays until March or so and then pot them into 9 cm pots.  They will make good flowering plants ext summer


Don't forget you'll need to keep the cuttings in a frostfree place over winter.

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