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I think these are self seeded buddleias. Mature bud leaf laying between them. Pic not too good but same stems, just unsure about leaf.

Next one, an alpine I've had a few years but the name escapes me.

thanks so much.





I don't think 1. is buddleia, I think it's one of the willowherbs. I really must learn which is which. I have lots but can only name 2

2 might be one of the sisyrinchiums

Thanks nut, was a bit worried about the Budd, took loads of seedlings out last year but kept thinking this hasn't happened before, these are what were missed. I'll leave them and wait to see, where they are isn't getting any attention til next year. Will look up 2nd suggestion (too lazy to spell it!).

Agree with Nut.  

1. Not a buddleia  - those are willow herbs - don't leave them unless you want them everywhere - they'll flower and seed this year. 

2. a Sisyrinchium.  


1 Not buddleja

2 Sisyrinchium striatum called blue flowered grass but not a grass obviously as it flowers.



I don't think that's striatum, that's the rather larger pale yellow one with wider greyish leaves


You're right of course, Nut. Striatum is a lot bigger with yellow flowers.  I've had this little blue one, but I seem to have a mental block on the name.


..looks like one I used to grow... Sisyrinchium idahoense 'Rocky Point'... if so, the flowers don't open until past midday...


Thanks everyone, it is indeed sisyrinchium 'E.K.Balls', just found the label amid some lost seed packets. Bit disappointed I've not got some buddleia plants to pass on though.


Oooo, I've got that  Just coming into flower now!


It's lovely Panda, stays in a neat round form and easy to split.

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