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Hi got a few shrubs and a creeper that are getting moved or killed i'd like to see if I can save some of these plants or divide them or something.

 This i think is a weed a creeper of some kind

 this is a dead something

 exhibit C

 exhibit D popular with the dog probably why it is so damaged

 This one looks in good shape but again its going to have to move it is a bit big

 again mostly dead any hope of rescue (exhibit f)

 Finally this conifer can it stand to be planted any deeper? it seems to have lost its lower branches.

I am essentially after names and what i can do with them can i take cuttings divide or is it too late for some of them

thanks and have fun identifying them.


 the editor ate the pictures so i'll up load them 1 by 1 (1/8)

Pennine Petal
Not sure, but the first photo looking s like the creeping potentilla. It puts out runners and you will never get rid of it.



There only seem to be 3 photos so far. There's something funny going on with the photos on the site as when you click on them to enlarge them they don't enlarge and they have white bands top and bottom.

First one is cinquefoil, which is a creeping potentilla and a pain in the neck. It sends down really deep tap roots at intervals and is fairly resistant to weedkiller. Got it in my garden!

Ex. C looks like a half dead thyme.

Hiya blackest, I always get these things wrong
First picture is a weed...I'm forever digging it from friends garden. Is it wild potentilla or wild strawberry?
The other is heather or an old hebe, heather though I think. Way past it's best
Looking forwards to watching your progress tho blackest

Yes, the first is creeping potentilla or cinquefoil - same family - weeds - remove. There are other varieties from this family that are gorgeous plants but these aren't them.

The next two look like dead heathers - pull them up, throw them on the bonfire - they'll burn well 


It's a real shame about the small photos problem because I can't quite see them, but the 4th looks like thyme as well. What does it smell like if you crush a leaf?


 7/8 nearly there i think its a heather but very woody


 This conifer was recently in a pot but is quite bare can it be planted deeper without problems ?



Hi, pic 4 hebe emerald green, pic 5 looks like another hebe, can't get a clear view,


Sites made a mess of the images 4,5 i think are hebe the 4th is woody on one side is it possible to take cuttings from hebe ?



1 the creeper has a 5 pointed leaf  its all in one bed nowhere else


2,3 6,7 might be the same plant the leaves when crushed have a fine scent like something you might find in a good spicy aftershave.

Almost pine like scent and nothing like thyme.

Salino no. 2 and 6 have a Thuja look to them, have you bought any of these before? there is one called 'Golden Tuffet', that sometimes dies off like that...

photo 4, could be Hebe 'Emerald Green' as already stated, or perhaps one called Cupressoides 'Boughton Dome'

photo 5 I would say is Hebe 'Red Edge'.  I've posted a photo of that one in my garden here, I think it's the same one...:-

very hard to tell..

as for that little conifer that appears to have lost it's lower branches, presumably it was planted originally the same level it was in the container..?   if you're not happy with it, then, if it was mine, I might take a chance and plant it deeper.  It'll either live or die...