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Orchid Lady

I have grown three of these plants from seed....but lost the labels (I know, I know!!!). I think it might be Rudbeckia, but not 100% sure as I didn't think any had germinated!

Ive just seen some in the GC and it looked very similar, could someone please confirm if it is/isn't and if it isn't, any other ideas??

Thank you 


Orchid Lady

I did sow some of those too so it's possible.....there was also echinacea but the petals look sort of inside out (I can't think of a better way to describe it than that) so not echinacea I don't think.

Is there much difference between the leaves of gallardia and rudbeckia?

Orchid Lady

Thanks Nut, I think you're right, the middle is different on Rudbeckia and they are also a but inside out  (I know what I mean!)

At least I know what it is now, thank you 


I think that's what it is OL but I haven't grown them for years. Nice. I might get some next year



I think Nut is right, the central disc is not right for Rudbeckia.


Its gaillardia did you get the seeds free from AG mag?

It is Gallardia, I have some this year, pretty but not visited by many insects, so it may go in the autumn.


Not good for insects Dave? I thought it would be with that open centre.

I won't have those if that's the case.

Are yours being visited by insects OL?


I've seen honey and bumble bees on ours, and hoverflies. 


oh good. I'll put them on the 'maybe' list

Orchid Lady

Thank you everyone  I did post earlier but my iPad died and it didn't actually go on!!

They are actually in my 'nursery' bit and not in the garden as I think they are perennials??  That was the question I posted earlier, I have liked the up and RHS said they could be annual, biennial or perennial, obviously they aren't biennial but his do I know if they are annual or perennial apart from obviously waiting ti see if they make a reappearance next year??

Lyn, yes they are AG freebies, they came with tomato seeds which I think are the ones I used this year, I have used lots of freebies uo this year whilst I was learning 


I think they're short lived perennials, longer life in the best drained soil

Orchid Lady

Short lived perennials? So they will last a couple of years? They have grown really well since I put them in the 1 litre pots.  Should I over winter them in the GH?  Sorry tI be so dim!!

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