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Hi folks,

any one know what this is? My friend brought some round that had started growing in one of her raised beds and told me she thought they were raspberry plants from her neighbours garden but I have never seen raspberry plants with leaves shaped like that. Any ideas?! Cheers. 

Hope this photo shows it more clearly!!


sorry I cant enlarge the photo , the plants are not clear enough . Can you take a closer photo at all .

Oops. Or this!! Sorry!



 Wow ! that was Quick ! Now that I can enlarge the photo  dont look like raspberry to me  , They look more like saplings from an apple tree . But I could be wrong . It will be intresting to see what others think.

Interesting. Thanks for your feedback. Will ask friend if apple trees next door!

Would they be tiny plants of plum?


More likely to be wild. My guess damson or sloe. Either of those in the vicinity?

No thorns so perhaps not Sloe?!


They don't get the thorns until they're bigger - at least not in my experience.  They certainly look like a self-seeded prunus of some sort.

Many thanks. Back home from working in Helsinki tomorrow so shall use that as a starting point for closer investigation. I was very doubtful about them being raspberries when my friend brought them to me as I already grow Tayberry, Loganberry and thornless blackberry and there was no similarity!! Looks like a bumper crop this year too if things continue well. Hope I'm off shift in the UK when they ripen - if not I'm sure wife and daughter will tell me how nice they were!!


Hi, on that note... does anybody know what this plant is please... my dad bought seeds from kew a few years ago and it flowered once in my mum's garden, and now every spring new ones are emerging. It's about 3.5 to 4m tall, the bees are crazy for it, i don't think it's Pride of Madeira, although it looks simmilar... any ideas anybody?



OLga - sorry - pix didn't work 

OLga - I'm  racking my head on this one and I will get back to you unless someone beats me to it .

I should know this plant I grew it a few years ago . The first year it starts off as a Rosette , then year two it forms into the beautiful plant as yours . It grows a lot down south , saw them in gardens in Devon ,bought seeds and grew them as you have done . Ereramus comes to me - but Im not sure I will check it out.


have just  corrected myself , they are not  what I first thought - Ereramus is the foxtail lily and they are not these , but its still bugging me as I know I have grown these from seed too . Which I know that I bought the seeds from Plant World at Newton Abbot in Devon. around 10 years ago - I grew pink and blues of them .

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