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Gid Joiner

 Hi Folks can anyone name this for me please 

Gid Joiner

I have Ligularia in my garden & it has different shaped leaves with a dark border, leaves are sort of irregular shaped, these ones are roundish , Thanks

I would suggest ligularia too



maybe is Ligularia dentata Gid. 

Grenyog Gold is a hybrid of that and something or other so will be quite similar and I don't know the finer points

there are a lot of them.

Gid Joiner

Yep looks like the dentata i posted in the link, i thought mine was 'a' Ligularia, i didn't know mine was one of many types of Ligularia, nevermind, learn't something today. 

Gid Joiner wrote (see)

.......I guess you learn something new every day, Thanks again 

That's part of what makes gardening so great 

anthony mcglen

hi everyone could  someone id this plant please it just poped up in a large tub. i know i did not plant it.




i did google it and came up with death lily????????  many thanks


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