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Gid Joiner

Hi folks, i'm discussing this on a facebook plant group but nobody can ID this plant, can anyone help, Fuschia, xmas cactus??


Gid Joiner

Billbergia, thanks found it


That's good. I knew it wasn't either of the others. I'm pretty ignorant about tender plants

I currently have 1 in flower Bilbergia Natans


I have 2 plants of Bilbergia nutans variegata and the flowers are the same for the variegate type as the species. Hardy in the UK if kept on the dry side. Best if planted at an angle (to stop water pooling in the leafs).


Gid Joiner

Thanks Blairs that's how i killed mine, over watering, i remembered the coloured stamens so had t know, nice colours when you look closely, I'll get another one day and try planting it as you suggest


They grow on trees and shrubs in the wild and grow out from the keeping the leaves vertically to let the rain drain off really does help keeping them alive.

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