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I have these growing under my rose hedge. Can you wizzes at plant identification help please?

Many thanks 


Jim Macd

Agree with Dove.


Named after a M. D' Aubriet so correct spelling should be Aubrieta, but it is more often mis-spelled than correctly, even on Nursery labels.

Much sneered at in purist alpine circles, but it is a good plant and makes a really cheerful early splash of colour.


It always makes me think that warm weather is coming - lots of different shades of blue/mauve/violet too and takes easily from cuttings. 

Think I once knew about the spelling, but blame retirement 



Thanks all.  I love the cheerful little flowers and the way that it is spreading it's way down the length of the hedge.  I forget that it flowers and then am delighted when it does

Didn't know it was an alpine.

I would take cuttings but don't want it to be invasive elsewhere!


It's not really invasive - it's easily kept under control - my Granny had it growing in crevices in her stone garden wall.  If you want to keep it under control cut it back to within a couple of inches of the roots when flowering's finished.  

Jim Macd

Oh, yes, very easy, every couple of years I would pull it all up and just stick bits in to root. I don't remember when I'd do it, probably randomly but never had a problem with it not taking or with it being invasive. Such a nice plant.

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