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This had a few spikey purple flowers a couple of weeks back.

Is it Ajuga...a few inches high and has dark blue flowers. Throws out runners.

Chrissy the gardener

it is Ajuga don't know which one as there are different types. Can be a bit invasive but it does have its uses.

Thanks Chrissy, yes it was going a bit mad so i cut it in half and gave it to next door, is it a ground covering plant.

Yes ajuga is a great ground cover


Yes it's a good ground cover in the right site. As I said it throws out runners and they rootT where they touch the soil. However they are quite shallow rooted and easily removed. It grows best in damp areas 

If it has purple spikes, it could be called 'Bugle'I've just planted it myself.

Needs a bit of dampness to do it's thing but it's very useful in awkward spots and great for bees when it flowers 


Nice colour too!

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