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Jo Stephenson

Good afternoon,

Would somebody be so kind as to tell me if this is actually part of the palm tree? It looks like it's coming from the root of the tree but not sure. Would love to move it if possible.






Jo Stephenson

Just realised the pics are not very big. Do you need bigger?


That is a yucca flower - think I can just see it's leaves peeping up in the bottom right hand corner 

Jo Stephenson

Thanks Dove. So will this happen every year? It's rather impressive and I would love to move it to a more exposed position.

How will it fair do you think?


Never grown one myself - think they like more sun than I've got here - I think they're quite tough - someone will come along who's done it I'm sure .........


We had one that was in full sun in our front garden and loved it! 

When we redesigned the front garden we decided to get rid of it as it was HUGE and the leaves were quite spiteful.  It refused to be got rid of!  Even growing up from under paving stones - took 2 or 3 years to eliminate it completely so good luck with your moving!

Jo Stephenson

OK, so maybe I won't be moving it just yet then.


The "branch" which is flowering now won't flower again, but it will grow one or two new ones from the bottom which will flower next year. Cut off that branch at the base once it has finished flowering. Here some info on how to move it.



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