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I sowed some cornflower seeds in a pot a few weeks ago, These are the seedlings, are they cornflowers ? I thought that they would be taller?


Have you attached a picture?  No matter, seedlings start off very small and grow bigger.  Cornflower seedlings are little light green ferny things.




These are not Cornflowers. Annual Cornflower has a slim silvery green leaf. Perennial Cornflower has a wider leaf.

look like weeds to me sorry! the leave are long and slim on cornflowers.


See I think I have a poppy in the middle of the pot or is that a weed too?


Thanks I can see from your link it is chickweed, will my cornflowers appear soon?


Hard to tell what's going to happen because when you remove the chickweed and scarlet pimpernel it'll be hard to avoid uprooting any little cornflower seedlings.

Do I take it that the soil/compost had been in the pot since last year and was being re-used, so that the weed seeds had got in there from last year?  Unfortunately that's a false economy - it would have been better if you'd put at least a few centimetres of fresh compost in the top of the pot before sowing your seeds, so that they didn't have to compete with weed seeds 

Thanks for the advice I will remember that next year.


But if you take those weeds out and leave the poppy, with a little tlc it'll probably grow big enough to fill that pot !  You could still have a glorious display 

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