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Jess is in the Garden

Someone was throwing it out (my neighbour has the shrub now) and she gave me this cutting.

No idea what it is - possibly a free montedhendron? (Sorry about the spelling).

Some buds starting to form, but may be a while until we see any flowers.




I couldnt find anything on the net by that name, could it be a bay .


..I think you mean Fremontodendron... might be that...stems should be bristly which they appear to be...


I thought maybe the shrub suggested was fremontodendron from the name.



but 2 foot is a bit small


Jess is in the Garden

Thanks all.

it is that name I was thinking of - but add autocorrect to my abysmal spelling and you get Free Montedhendron 


Thanks again x


I can't cope with auto correct and that predictive thing


Me neither, I turned it off.


Completely wrong leaf for that free thingymabob, they have trilobal leaves

Could it be a camelia? Dosent look shiny enough i spose

I looks familiar but..............


Definitely not a fremontodendron. Looks more similar to a camellia leaf. A picture of the actual shrub would help a lot.

It looks a little like a holm oak, or garrya elliptical? Hard to tell!

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