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Visited a beautiful but chaotic cottage garden today and there were a few plants I didnt recognis wondered if anyone can help


 The above sign was next to the blue flower but as I said the garden was chaotic so wondering if its the correct sign.

 Its the blue flower Im interested in

 Yes there is a bit of a blue theme going on.  This one was huge about 5ft tall

 This time its not the blue one, it looks white but it was pink the following pic is the same plant from a distance (its the airy fairy one in the middle).

Realise Ive not given you much to work on but wonder if you can help.

star gaze lily

Beautiful flowers Yviestevie, love the one in the third pic.


Thanks Nutcutlet, Im sure Ive already posted a reply so sorry if this is duplicating.  Had a look at the Thalictrums (meadow rue) and there are a couple it could be.  Will take more piccies when I visit the garden again, some of the plants in the garden were really weird.  If anyone else knows any cottage gardens worth a visit in their area (bearing in mind I live in Kingswinford in the West Mids/Staffs/Shrops/Worcs border please let me know.


The bulb is Brodiaea laxa Queen Fabiola (name changed recently though, but not sure what to).

The tall Campanula is possibly C. lactiflora Lodden Anna or Pritchard's Variety. I can never remember which is which of those two.




Last one looks like Thalictrum delavayi, I think it has now been renamed Thalictrum dipterocarpum.  It is easy from seed, Try chiltern seeds.

There is a double one called hewitts double, but you dont get the airy fairy look.

If you want a good patch. plant 10 or 12 in a block six inches apart. It will seed about after that.


Hi Yviestevie, that looks like my sort of garden, Where was it?


Hi Nutcutlet, Its called Stone Cottage Garden and is in Stone near Kidderminster.  It really is amazing a complete jumble of plants a lot of which are really unusual.  You can find out more on the internet.  I think its open every day and you can buy plants but I didnt see any of the more unusual ones for sale.  I have to say that the lady who runs it is a bit eccentric but quite helpful.  Didnt see anyone else helping out at the garden she seemed to be doing it all by herself.  You pay £4.00 to get in by leaving the money in a tin hanging just by the entrance.  Thanks everyone for the help in ID'ing the plants and the advice - a few more to add to the growing wish list.


I've been there

It was a long time ago, 2000. Lovely place and very interesting plants.

It's a long way from here though.


Hi Edd and Yviestevie. If I'm on the left I'm lost. I live near Peterborough


I'm only about 4 miles as the crow flies off course Edd. That'll do, especially as I can't remember how to move me.

So near and yet so far for the sewerage system. We have a septic tank.


I thought that was how it went but it didn't seem to go

I may have another go later

Tritilaria is maybe blue thing that name changed is a summer flowering bulb.

Thalictrum's are good, hardy and easy and under rated. 



Ill have to have another go at the map, tried before but couldnt get the hang of it.


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