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I've been out and taken a pic of my Liatris and it doesn't look like your plant Vic. I'll post a pic later when I've uploaded them.


Soz fuzzy photo. Liatris just to right of centre.


Well done finding that thread VS! It does sound like a weed then, id still be tempted to keep it isolated and grow it on, just for curiosity
Victoria Sponge

Cheers KEF, yes, I really don't think it is a liatris. Also this plant has a fuzzy stem and smooth leaves and liatris seem to be the other way around. There are similarities though.

I am growing it on out of curiosity Bekkie; at least to confirm it's Edd's weed. I've potted it up and it's sat next to the bins I won't let it seed though... Grows freakily fast...but it's possible I fed it you know - can't believe I didn't notice it was a different plant



No definitely not cannabis - oh not that I would know just guessing

Victoria Sponge

The locals would have harvested it by now if it was, along with any 'scrap' metal I might be foolish enough to leave unsecured. Oh and my Hallowe'en pumpkin. Those kids didn't come back


I'm pretty sure Edd's right, Conyza Canadensis, grows like mad and seeds like mad. I have a sand school for practising dressage and last year it was full of it. Needed several goes of glyphosate.

No, but we got the same little bu##ars it seems! Am giggling at the thought of you chasing kids up the street after your pumpkin
I did get approached by a kid who asked me if i wanted a rabbit????

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