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Victoria Sponge

Hi All,

It occurred to me today that this plant I've been watering isn't actually my white astrantia...I know - I just didn't really look at it... I'm going to dig it up and separate them. Is it worth keeping?


 Thank you


Could be one of the campanulas Victoria. Long time since I've grown any and there's tons of varieties but some of them have that kind of foliage.

Looks like lots more flower buds all down the stem too. It should flower soon so you'll get a better idea if no one else recognises it. I'm sure someone will though!


Looks a bit like toadflax (Linaria annua) - or a cultivated form?  I wondered about Liatris spicata, if not.  Hard to ID without flowers...


Mmm, you could be right, FG... 

Victoria Sponge

It looks like all those plants mixed together

My toadflax is going over now and yes the head does look like a liatris but it doesn't have the long traily leaves at the base.

If it's a campanula it isn't persicifolia...but I don't know many others...

I'll happily leave it there to flower but don't want my astrantia to give up- only bought it this year...

Cheers for your suggestions guys

Oh, meant to say it's almost a metre tall.


Victoria Sponge

Ooh. I don't like the look of that one Edd.

I'll do some investigating...


I have to say, I thought Liatris at first too - especially with the bud forming at the top but I thought it looked a bit tall and wasn't sure if the foliage was right - haven't grown them for a long time either  

It'll flower soon anyway and you'll be able to see Victoria!

Is your astrantia in beside it?

Victoria Sponge

They were both in the same rootball Fairygirl, and it hasn't long been planted out (2 months or so) so I wonder if it came in the pot from the nursery.

According to my weed book that conyza hasn't made it this far north yet so I don't want to encourage it, although the weed book isn't always accurate.

I've ripped them apart now and put this thing in a pot. If it's okay in a few hours that confirms it is a weed- a nice plant would be dead after that.


Could it be gypsophilia? Im sure there was a thread that had something like that on a couple of weeks back
Victoria Sponge

I really don't know Bekkie, I don't think I've ever seen gypsophila apart from in a florist. When I google the image I can't make out the foliage...

I think it was Verdun who made the ID, but ot stuck in my mind because id never seen it until they planted it in the village, i wondered what it was til the other week
No, i dont think so, i dont usually like Euphorbia, but recognise it, this stuff looked very much like this pic but had a little stick down the middle of each plant, they were at the back of a load of bedding gerainiums. I was quite supprised, because ive never seen gypsophilia either
It is of course possible that whoever named it on that thread was wrong and im just regurgitating the wrong info!
Victoria Sponge

I just found the thread, think it's the one you mean- I can't do links but I searched gypsophila and found it. It's by Pilgrim Pete.

The leaves look very similar but the habit looks different- mine has two stems and that one seems to have many thin stems all tangled together...

Ive got a feeling that Edd is correct and it's some horrid Canadian Fleabane - at the first IDable flower it's getting flattened... If it came from the southern nursery and it isn't yet up this far north I feel I have a duty to smash it up



Are you sure it's a wanted plant? Looks like a weed I get which then has lots of little white flowers which turn into fluff like mini dandelion seeds, then they float all over the garden seeding themselves.  Sorry, don't know it's name.

Victoria Sponge

That sounds like the conyza canadensis that Edd suggested Busy Lizzie?

And it grew very fast which makes me think weeeed



I've been out and taken a pic of my Liatris and it doesn't look like your plant Vic. I'll post a pic later when I've uploaded them.


Soz fuzzy photo. Liatris just to right of centre.


Well done finding that thread VS! It does sound like a weed then, id still be tempted to keep it isolated and grow it on, just for curiosity