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Hi All.  I'm wondering if anyone can identify this plant, please.  The leaves looks like an anthemis but it has a different growth habit and very different flowers.  Thanks.






Looks like a lavender. There's a lot of different ones about now.


Probably Lavandula pinnata but I don't know lavenders very well. 


Lavender Fernleaf, does it smell of oregano?



Thanks for the replies.  Nutcutlet, it looks as though it may be Lavandula pinnata but it has no scent at all.  In any case, it's a great plant for my garden!



I've never grown this one. I'm surprised it has no scent.

flowering rose

it looks like a type of lanverder or cat mint .


Definitely Lavender fernleaf. I used to have one but it didn't survive the Winter, it's one of those tender types of Lavender. 

That is absolutely gorgeous, I'll look out fot that one when I'm shopping for plants

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