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I have this plant in my garden. It was one of the few that there were.It has a most delicious scent but I cannot work out what it is, 

Daphne , Lilac, something else

It is deciduous

Hope the photos are clear enough



flowering rose

dont know but looks a nice plant and good if it has a scent as well.



Could be one of the lilacs. Don't think it's a daphne

Silver surfer

Nor Daphne.

Looks like Syringa x persica.






Difficult to see. How many petals does each flower have?



I was looking at syringas too and found Josikaea and Josiflexa, but they weren't quite right. I think you've got it Silver surfer - Syringa persica. Most of the daphnes aren't really deciduous and have tougher glossier leaves.


The other possibility is S. pubescens microphylla Superba.


Thanks but no, Berghill it isn't that. The leaves are not really lilac-like.

These are fairly pointy and don't have that round lilac shape.

I'll try to take another couple of pics.

back in a minute


 Sorry - not very clear

 The flowers come all along the stem



Told you my eyesight is no longer any good.


Thanks for that silver surfer. The leaves definately fit. 

I have just been on Google and the variety Syringa persica laciniata. This seems to have the correct leaves and the flowers along the stem rather than at the end. Also the pictures of this variety show the same droopy growth

Thanks very much, been wondering for a couple of years. 

Silver surfer

I actually suggested this earlier but didn't think you had seen my post.


You can rule our  Syringa persica laciniata completely....

correctly called Syringa x laciniata

The leaf is very very different.

Laciniata means cut leaf.

Your lilac definitely does not have a cut leaf!

The internet is wonderful but not every picture on it is correctly labelled.

See this accurate pic of the leaves!....



Silver surfer

Sorry I am confused.

I am not sure what you mean.

1st link the leaves are not as open as yours.... it could be Syringa x persica... the photo bears no name.

The 2nd link you cannot even see any leaves?

3rd link is the same company I first used Perry hill... Syringa x persica. in my post at 14.38p.m

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