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Can anyone identify this plant for me?

Leaves approx 10cm wide. It has the occasional greyish/pink flower spike, but other than that does nothing. It's taking over my garden, and efforts to dig it up have failed, as it has roots that go under my pond.
Any thoughts on identification or advice on eradicating it (preferably without resorting to weedkiller so near to my pond) much appreciated.



I should think thats butterbur or one of its relatives klukit


Petasites fragrans I think - butterbur... you see it colonising roadsides... originally a garden plant that 'escaped' into the wild and now takes over everything... no idea how you get rid... well, without using chemicals, if it was mine, I would dig out as much as possible and plant Geranium machorrizum 'en masse' - as much as I could afford to buy, all over the area, it smothers most things... it might work in the longer term...


I've planted a very pretty white relative of this and hope I don't regret it later. 



especially hard when it's infiltrated all your other plants

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