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This strange red/green leaved plant has emerged from some gravel that was put in by the previous owner of the garden. Is this a weed? or a garden plant? The leaves are holly like, but I've never seen a red holly leaf? any ideas what this is?


Thank you

 Whoops sorry had a stupid moment. Here's the weird plant!

Is it a Mahonia maybe?

I wondered about Mahonia, but it didn't look quite right. It didn't start like a normal holly seedling.. I have quite a few of those. But it does look like a holly but the leaves are soft to touch and thin.


I'd say definitely Mahonia... There are lots of different sorts, you know.


`d say mahonia too. I have a similar one but don`t know the full name.

It doesn` get too big either

OOh thank you. I shall dig it up and give it to my mum. Her Mahonia died in the snow last year.

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