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Happy New Year all!


I have inherited the following plant in a large pot outside my new house, can anyone tell me what it is?

apologies its sideways!








It might be a Nandina looking at the top growth.


It looks as though it's supposed to be a climber. It's leaves look a little like my young solanum crispum. They grow pretty big when they get going. Have you any idea what the flowers were like?


could you do some more photos? these enlarge to a blur for me


Is it possible there's more than one plant in there?  The tuft of leaves on the top (in the middle picture) look a bit different from the ones at the bottom (in the bottom picture).  I can't get the photos to enlarge but some of the bottom leaves look a bit jasmine-like...


I am very new to gardening and have downloaded an app that ID'S plants. I love it! Might be worth a try searching for it in your app store.

I think an app would have a struggle with those photos


Whatever it is - and it does have elements of both the plants already named - it doesn't look too happy. Been butchered a fair bit. 

Has it flowered while you've been there DDelphie - or changed colour in any way?

Hi all

thanks for your replies

No i havent seen any flowers as yet and ive been here since August, i think there may be weeds and something else at the base that is confusing things. I hope it was a solanum crispum that would be lovely

Ha ha Nutcutlet, well i do like to test you all out there and not make it too easy! 

I will check out that app thanks for the advice.

Here are some more pictures i hope this helps...




plus this is at the base, a different plant- a mere weed?



DiggerDelphie, I think that's a weed at the base.

I don't think the main plant is solanum, because solanum leaves grow alternately up the stem.  Maybe Gardenmaiden's suggestion of Nandina is the right one?


I think the main plant is probably a nandina and the one at the base is perhaps red valerian, which I would consider a weed as they get everywhere around here.  Dig down a bit - if the roots are fleshy and white, it's valerian.

Great thank you for your help all, i've looked it up an it looks exactly like Nandina 'Brightlight'. Time to weed and care...


Nice pics now DD

Have you been practicing

I thought Nandina also but the new images suggest a Jasminum of sorts rather than Solanum.

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