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Anyone have any idea what this is?

The little paper/label in there says 'mint', however it doesnt smell like it - possibly too young?

My wife planted some seeds late last year, but she doesnt remember what they were and they didnt appear until about a month ago

Any help appreciated




At a glance I see nothing in that pot that looks like mint, and I grow several varieties of it.  The seedlings I do see look like weeds, possibly rose bay willow herb, but at any rate, not mint.

Often it is better to buy in a small plug of mint, as it can be difficult to grow from seed. It is widely available.  Better yet, if you know someone who grows it, ask for a cutting, it roots very easily.  Suggest you keep it in a pot as it spreads worse than a forest fire!

Excellent, time to reclaim a pot. Cheers guys

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