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Think you are putting your finger on several excellent points, Jack.  We should after everything enjoy the positives in our gardens.  Hard to do sometimes, we focus on the problems.  I need to keep telling myself that our decisions are not always between good and bad options, but between good and good ones.


 Hi Jack, I took over a very neglected garden 40 years ago and am STILL fighting with brambles, seedlings of horse chestnut,hazel nuts,rowen, bind weed couch grass etc. As it is often said on this forum, plants we do not like or ones in the wrong place do annoy us, and, we can easily become obsessed with destroying them. I have dealt with this by taking the advise of an elderly gentleman who lived next door. He used to say " dear, don't waste your energy on unimportant things, put it into doing and enjoying what you love doing." Good advice I think, as even today I am still trying to get rid of these plants by lopping and pulling at them; but give most of my time to the ones I enjoy nurturing.

So Jack, I am that elderly person now, and I say to you, do not stress over what annoys you but concentrate on what gives you pleasure. By all means do spend time on clearing what is annoying you, but not so much that summer is gone with you not smelling the roses

Jack 3

Thanks Hester, very true.

Jatnikapyar, I really enjoyed reading that post, that could apply to anything in life couldn't it. It is great advice that I'm grateful for and I'll think of it often. Cheers!

Now, can we take our own advice!  That looks like a little owl you are holding?  



Ta Nut and Jack 3,it is good to note that there are youngsters today do give thought to what oldies like me say

Jack 3

Wise words are always welcome.

Jack 3

Well today is my day off and a Crataegus, a Malus Royalty and a Red robin just arrived. I ended up swapping the other plant for a little acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'. and added some money to it and also got an Acer 'Orange dream. I've always wanted an acer and my girlfriend really loved them so persuaded me.

Now to go and get this sycamore out and do some planting!


Did you get some ibuprofen for the back ache later on Jack?


Good on you Jack, I like your way of thinking.It gives me great pleasure to meet young enthusiastic gardeners like you.Lately, in the road I live in has seen a bit of movement with a few oldies like me moving to their final resting place and new young and enthusiastic neighbours moving in. It is a small road with 29 dwellings and the occupants of the houses, like me, tend to be young people who stay a while and bring up their families. Those that have lived here a while usually pop over to welcome new neighbours and offer help. We have had four new ones and they seem to be interested in gardens, trees, veggies etc. They do not need to concrete the front gardens(thank God) as we all have drives for their cars! It will be lovely watching(and perhaps helping) them.

otnorot but just call me Bill

We don't have the same problems with our gardens that you do in the old country,ours is plant loving bugs,earwigs,red lily beetle,slugs/snails.Then there's the bigger Bu--ers squirrels,skunks,racoons.

When I moved into my house 51 years ago it was a new house built to my specifications.The garden area was like a beach all sand,it took me 30 years a car and cardboard boxes loam from the woods horse manure from police mounted squad stables and now i have rich black soil that can be turned over with my hand.The worst part is I'm getting to old to work in my garden even though I try,think this might be my last year.


Jack 3

Ha! Nutcutlet, I needed it. I'd been paint rollering high ceilings in a flat in Regeant St all week, then on thursday did all that, was really aching on Friday and back to my decorating job.

Jaknikapyar, it must be a relief when the neighbours turn out OK. Our close is very small too, and new neighbours moved in yesterday, luckily they seemed nice and said they loved how all the gardens looked. Yes it's awful to think of people moving in to a property and concreting or paving over everything and cutting all the trees down. Also, it's nice to be called 'young' ha!

Bill, sounds like you undertook a massive project and succeeded!


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