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14/04/2014 at 17:07

Hello everyone.

I've just been out in the garden and took some photo's of things, a couple were plants that were not able to be identified before because they hadn't come into leaf properly. There's a couple of new things too.

1) Firstly I just want to confirm, is this cornus/dogwood, it has bright red bark and people identified it as such, just wondered if anyone new the type.

 2) This was one that people couldn't get before, it is just starting to show up these little clusters.

 3) I've got two of these trees, one large and one small, at first I thought it was going to be magnolia (hoping) but don't know. Two pictures for this one, sorry about the blurriness, I don't seem capable of using a camera when it comes to plants

 4) This was another that couldn't be identified before, but now is starting to flower.

 5) This has popped up in a pot.

 And finally, my Syringa has started to flower so here's a picture of it.

 Thank you all, hope everyone's having a good day!

14/04/2014 at 19:01

1.confirm dogwood but not which type, they all flower like that

2. Probably Deutzia but post another pic when it comes out

3 sycamore

4, wiegela

5 might be forget me not but doesn't look quite right

Nice syringa

14/04/2014 at 19:32

2, looks like my deutzia which is budding just like that.

14/04/2014 at 20:06

Hmmm yes,3, sycamore - you probably don't want that - I'd get that out before it's bigger than your house and shades the whole garden and you have acres of baby sycamores springing up everywhere - unless you have a couple of acres that is. 

14/04/2014 at 20:09

Sycamore is my headache too... 

14/04/2014 at 21:08

Thanks nutcutlet for all those!, much appreciated.

Cheers Magical Meerkat for confirming that.

Dovefromabove, Supernoodle really? How fast do they grow? One on the right side of garden is about 15ft high, there's two on left hand side by fence about 7ft tall. I wish I had a a couple of acres. My garden is only about 5 by 8m.

14/04/2014 at 21:12

5m x 8m garden. Sycamores out now Jack.

They're fast. Leave it much longer and you'll need a tree surgeon rather than a saw

14/04/2014 at 21:19

I echo nutcutlet. Get them out now!

14/04/2014 at 21:24

oh no! I'm gutted, that is the only actual tree in the garden. 

14/04/2014 at 21:29

Sorry Jack, they are enormous trees. 100 ft or more and wider than your garden

14/04/2014 at 21:35

Wow! Thanks for the info anyway. Hmm, got to look on the bright side of this.....more logs for another log pile, another gap for me to buy more plants to fill. I wish I could afford a decent sized tree to go there. I'll feel so guilty chopping it down.

14/04/2014 at 21:37

My next thread will probably be, 'What is a cheap tree I can buy that will be the right size for my garden and will grow really quickly and look beautiful?'.

14/04/2014 at 21:39

That forget -me -not type one might be one of the little speedwells that  appear in grass quite often. 

I'd agree about the sycamores Jack - they're whoppers! Plenty of nice small trees you could put in. Amelanchier lamarkii (snowy mespilus) makes  a nice airy tree in small plots.

14/04/2014 at 21:46

I will try and take a better picture of the 'forget me not/speedwell' When I google image those, it doesn't seem to look like them.

Thanks Fairygirl, the Amelanchier do look nice.

14/04/2014 at 21:47

Now I know what to ask for, for my birthday, a tree.

14/04/2014 at 21:49

Ah, a site just mentioned Amelanchier likes neutral to acid soil, mines Alkaline.

14/04/2014 at 21:54

How about a fruit tree? You can get apples on various rootstocks, get the size you want

14/04/2014 at 21:56

Was just about to suggest that nut 

I got a couple of apple trees last year for a tenner each in B&Q. They're in big pots just now. 

14/04/2014 at 21:59

Must be a good plan Fairy

14/04/2014 at 22:07

I'd have a Victoria plum...however you can get those fruit trees with more than one fruit grafted ont them two the price of one!

1 to 20 of 72 messages