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I have grown these plants from an unamed seed mixture. Need help with any clues as to what they are. They have flowered kind off so I think they may be annuals





It looks like one of the mallows - are all the flowers that yellow colour, or have some been pink?


Can you post a picture of the flower when it opens and an up close one of the upper surface of a  leaf as it will make it easier to give a good id?


 ok i will do but the last flower fell off before it fully opened. They all seem to be the orangey yellow colour.




yes that looks like it. thanks


Yes, I agree. I've only known them as shrubs but according to my book there are also annuals. Come from the tropics so need to be cosseted!!


It is an Abuliton and there are several varieties of them. I grow four of them in my unheated greenhouse( SE England).Threeof them survived the bad winters(-15C) but one did not.I think they are OK under cover but some varieties are deciduous. They are easy to grow and produce dainty exortic looking flowers. This year I tried to grow one along the wall(north facing) of the house. So far it looks very healthy but has not flowered yet. It may be too late for it to do so now but I hope it survives the winter!

They are very easy to strike as cuttings too so do have a go.

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