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Hope everyone is well.  It's been a while since I last visited.  The house we bought is a bit of a Pandora's Box of interesting challenges, so it's been the focus of most of our spare time.  I've been trying to keep on top of the garden, but having made yet another ignorant mistake (cut back a smallish, but leggy hyderangea at the weekend), I thought I'd check in to see what these plants / flowers are before I touch them. 

I have bought books, but sometimes I'm still finding it diffiuclt to make a positive ID. I remember one of the regulars saying that you don't mind being asked to ID plants, so I hope this is OK.














 Help would be very much appreciated.


Thank you, Caroline




hibiscus (bluebird?)




platycodon white

platycodon blue

autumn flowering anemone



or the platycodons could be campanulas?

Fantastic!  Thank you so much

I'll go and have a read about them.

I'm really surpised that the hibiscus plants look so different.  The blue one has quite a thick 'trunk' - the whites are on long stems.  I hadn't even noticed the blue one until today, it was mostly hidden under another plant (you can see the variagated leaves of the other plant in the photo.  I have no idea what the one is either, but I think it's going to be taken out).  I only clocked the hibiscus when I noticed a glimmer of colour.


That's a euonymus you've got in there with the hibiscus. 


Thank you. I'll look into that one too.  It had grown and entwined itself around a couple of things - the hibiscus and a rose.  Perhaps outright removal is a little hasty.  I should have learned by now - act in hast, repent at leisure! 


It's a good reliable evergreen shrub. You can cut it right back and it will grow again.

I hacked out a lot of things over the years and now wish I hadn't. maybe I'll learn one day as well.

It's not something I'm proud of, but it does make me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one guilty of rash gardening choices    On a positive note, I've just ordered my very first bulbs.  I'm ridiculously excited - 42 years old, and only just popped my bulb buying cherry


did you get anything exciting?

Just bluebells, snowdrops and miniature narcissus.  I'd like to grow myself some hyacinths too - something to cheer up the drab winter days.  I thought I might try and make myself an indoor tub.


I bought some more tete a tete narcissus to put in tubs. They look nice on the patio during the dark months of winter.

A splash of colour really does hit the spot in winter, the idea of a few flowers on the patio is very appealing.

I was wondering about some little narcissus for indoors over winter?  I've just got a lovely indoor planter for those hyacinths I have yet to get...  Addictive, isn't it?!


certainly is addictive

J Parker seeds people are giving away Tete aTete with all orders at the moment - they have lots of low priced spring bulbs on sale (online) I'm going to pot up some this weekend. Have fun!

I got a tip on another thread. If you have a local LIDL store they are selling bulbs at present very good price. I bought named tulips 12 in a pack ..4 packs for £5. Named hyacinths 7 in a pack same price, other bulbs available. Bulbs seemed good quality. Too tempting I'm trying not to get over enthusiastic!




gardenning granny

The Lidl tulips are always superb - just 5 bulbs in a clay pot gave this magnificent display last year.  I think I paid £2.25 for 10 bulbs - so two pots like this for that price!



I'm off for a foray to Lidl this evening as it happens.  I'll have a look and see what they have.  Thank you for the tip      I got myself a lovley little bay tree from there a few weeks ago.  It's a bit crooked, and it was looking mighty sorry for itself, but it's perked up no end now it's been fed and re-potted.  It was only a tenner.


The tuipls are splendid!

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