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Hi this is a small plant I have and its started flowering. I made a thread about it before and someone thought it might be corncockle? That was when the forums were not working properly.

Anyway can anyone id this?





not corncockle, that's pink or white

Something in the borage family I should think. One of those annual echiums maybe?

Thanks for the replies. I've grown vipers bugloss before and they always had hairier stems and not a slender stem like this. hmm


It's a large family, not just Viper's Bugloss



Also some of this family don't do so well in pots which may account for weak appearance

ok I did sow this only a month ago. Hope it starts getting stronger


we are Dove. 

If it was only sown a month ago it's an annual Ynnead.

Are there annual anchusas, they're not a plant I've grown.

Still looks like a depressed annual echium to me.

Hi I didnt want to start a new thread but since u guys were so good at identifying that plant any chance for an id for this one lol?

Its a climber from what I can see and has got three little hooks on the end of the tendrils its using to climb I think. Might be too early as it is still small





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