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Can anyone identify this plant for me?

I found this plant growing in a front garden in Aldeburgh High Street, Suffolk on Sunday. It has a similar look and  habit to a buddleja, but the flowers are different.

I thought it looked great and want to get one.



I have a Vitex agnus castus on a South facing wall, so it is sheltered. It is in fact frost hardy, but may need winter protection. Though I don't protect mine and it's stayed alive through the cold Dordogne winters, up to -17°. It's lovely.


I'd like one of those but wouldn't want to torture it.


Is it nr you? Could you ask for a cutting?


there are a few seed sites with this for sale. Apparently it germinates in about 2 weeks, but I'm not sure about the rate of growth

Thanks Nutcutlet its not a plant I've ever heard of.


I have used it as a herbal remedy for a horse who could get a bit full of himself in the spring.  Monks would use it in the middle ages for the same result!

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