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Hello, I bought a plant earlier in the year from Sissinghurst and only realised when I got home it had no label so I'm trying to find out what it is. Once planted in May it very quickly spread over fencing and into a nearby tree. A flower has just appeared for the first time so thought I'd post a pic to see if anyone can help. Thanks, John



It is indeed nut.


It's not hardy John, you'll need to keep it above freezing over winter. Or start again with more seed next year

gardenning granny

yes, looks like cobaea scandens, though that's usually purple - must be a special Sissinghurst variety - also called the cup and saucer plant - and as nutcutlert says, not hardy.  Save some seed and grow them next year - may not come true to colour, but worth a go.


Cobaea pringlei 


I thought C. pringlei just had the cups, not the saucers aswell

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