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Can anyone tell me what this plant is.  It has very large glossy dark green leaves.  In winter 2012/2013 it shed its leaves but has not done so this winter.  No flowers.  At the moment it is about a metre high and is almost like a tropical/jungle plant!




That's Acanthus mollis. Mine has never looked so good in spring as it does this year


Love it, that's now on my list.

star gaze lily

The nieghbour at my old house had that it always looked fab. It was huge!  I could put that down the end of the garden in front of the compost bins to hide them!! 


I find mollis a bit course, Acanthus spinosus has a more delicate , cut foliage. Each to his own though eh? Dig up a piece of root and pot it up for a free , guaranteed cutting.



I find it a bit shy flowering. I like the leaves this year but not the blackened mess I get at the end of some winters. When it's good it's splendid. Out of the 15 or so years it's been there it's been splendid twice

Isn't that supposed to have flowers - in the 18 months we've lived here it hasn't flowered.  It is a great plant to cover anything!


See my comment tabby cat

thanks nutcutlet - we'll see if it flowers this year.  We've been fortunate to buy a house that has a large garden that has been well stocked with some lovely (and expensive) plants.


That's a lovely thing to find with a new house

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